Here’s what some of my clients have to say…


“You saved me 15 years of jail time. I have named my son after you. Words can’t describe my gratitude.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

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“I remember the first time we met in your office. I felt comfortable with you right away. I know that you worked hard to get me the peace bond I got on my domestic charge. I now have my life back. Keep up the good work. If I know anyone in trouble I will send them to you without a doubt.”

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“You believed in me when nobody else wanted to. The way you questioned people in court about my charges I knew that we would win. You stood up for me. I am not going to forget this. The photo line up the police did was not fair and you showed them. Thank you Mr. Vijaya”

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“I am just writing to tell you that because of your help I am back in school and working hard to become a chef. You told me to be patient and you worked your magic. You are an excellent attorney. God Bless.”

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“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for my son. What can I say except thank you! You outsmarted the people who wanted to ruin him. You are without a doubt the best lawyer that ever represented my son.”

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“When James was denied bail at Finch court, I didn’t know what to do. I am glad we came to you and you got my son out on the bail review. I knew that James had nothing to do with the drugs and guns found in the car that he was in. You proved this in court and the Judge listened to you. May Jesus bless you always.”

H.L. Toronto

“I am sure you remember four years ago that during a nasty custody battle my x- wife Sarah made up a story about me assaulting her. The police arrested me and held me for bail. They told me that they had a policy that they had to follow. You got me the bail. You were also very patient and explained the entire process to me. At trial you exposed the lies through your questions and proved that I could not have done the things she claimed. I don’t have a criminal record because of your hard work. My business is going really well. Thank you Mr Vijaya!” 

M. S. Woodbridge  

“You made me a promise when I met you. You kept it. You are old school. You fought for me. I will never forget. Thanks. ”

C.W. Toronto


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