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I have successfully defended hundreds of cases in my life as a Criminal Trial Lawyer. The charges my clients have faced range from the simplest to the most complex offences. I have defended and won cases involving: First degree murder, Participate in a criminal organization, Conspiracy to traffic in drugs, Trafficking in drugs, Importing drugs, Corporate commercial fraud, Welfare fraud, Sexual assault, Criminal negligence causing death, Domestic assault, Possession of Guns and related weapons. Below are the names of a few serious cases I have defended.  I call them “serious” because more often than not, my clients were facing up to 25 years in jail. I was honoured to have the trust of my clients to fight the most serious charges in the criminal code of Canada.

R. v. Vivar (Murder) // R. v. Campbell (Murder) // R. v. Barnes (Murder)

R. v. Nessarajah sale estrace estrace cream generic sale where to buy generic estrace cream buy estrace online buy estrace tablets order estrace buy estrace (Murder) // R. v. Voong (Murder) // R. v. McKhan (Murder)

R. v. Brooks (Murder) // R. v. Hussien (Murder) // top quality medications. price of oral prednisone . approved pharmacy, prednisone . R. v. Grizzle (Attempt Murder)

R. v. Ibrahim (Armed Robbery) // R. v. Singh (Aggravated Sexual Assault)

R. v. Vivian (Murder) uk what is the best online pharmacy. train tickets together, uk first dapoxetine priligy. // R. v. Graham (Armed Robbery x 6)


Project XXX // Project IMPACT // Project PATHFINDER // Project FLICKER

Project KRYPTIC // Project B.A. // Project FUSION

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