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Who is J. S. VIJAYA?
I came to Canada in the 1970′s with my parents when I was a little boy. Like many immigrants who came to Canada during that time, my parents struggled to survive and worked very hard to make ends meet. I grew up in the infamous Jane and Finch area in Toronto and lived in  the Ontario Housing Projects for over fifteen years. Although I did not know it at the time, I was already preparing for a career in criminal law in our great multicultural City of Toronto. I am a criminal lawyer who totally understands the hopes, dreams, and the daily struggles of the common working man.

Yorkwoods Gate Public School. (Up to Grade 6) I learned to play street hockey. Following the great Canadian street hockey tradition I made goalie pads out of sofa seat cushions. I liked defending even then!

Oakdale Junior High: (Grades 7-9) I learned how to fight. Went to my first dance. Discovered The Beatles. Learned to buy valacyclovir generic valtrex canada — without a prescription — play the guitar.

Westview High School: (Grades 10-13)  I played in a very loud rock and roll band. I also mylan manufactures baclofen tablets, usp ( baclofen ) in strengths of 10 mg and 20 mg. * baclofen tablets, usp [ 10 mg ]. learned about our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and took it upon myself to question police officers about why we were being stopped and searched so often.

York University: got my B.A. Specialized Honours (Psych). Took many classes in all sorts of different areas including biology, chemistry, natural science, music, political science, law, literature etc. I was on the Dean’s Honour Roll and decided that becoming a lawyer would allow me to help people in trouble and fight for justice.

Windsor Law School: got my law degree. I hung around quite a lot at the local criminal courts as a law student learning the ropes. I also met my wife in Windsor law school. On the very first night we met we got into a very serious argument about social | usa canada uk | buy online without prescription. and glass cleaner that all sold their forerunners in years, grow into a financial  policy and the powers given to police officers. I won. Well, I won eventually!

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I practice exclusively in the area of . I vigorously defend individuals charged with criminal offences ranging from Simple Assault to First Degree Murder. I also represent young people (under 18 years of age) charged with criminal offences. I can advise you about your rights and obligations if you are currently under investigation by the police or are about to be charged. I have also conducted hundreds of successful serious bail hearings involving guns, drugs, gangs etc. I got my clients out on bail!! As any experienced criminal trial lawyer knows: A successful bail hearing is the first, and a crucially important step towards successfully fighting any criminal charge.

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